Let's grow your revenue using Email

Email for Ecom is an Email Marketing Agency where we automate flows, create campaigns and get you more sales!

Let's Rethink Your
Email Marketing

Our methods are unconventional but get results for our clients. Instead of focusing entirely on blasting emails out, we also focus heavily on the custom automated sequences. That’s the key to unlocking amazing 30% total revenue metrics your marketing team dreams of.

Email marketing is time-consuming and hard.

But without email, you’re missing out on 6-7 figures per year of revenue and profit.

Get More Sales

Our goal is to provide a level of marketing service that isn’t achievable by working with a bigger agency, by working with the founder.

Through creative lead magnets, email content and design, we’ll drive more leads & sales to your business.

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Our Team


Andrey is determined and dedicated to our client’s success. Always available to make sure results are maximized.


Kevin Founded Email for Ecom when he unlocked the power of Klaviyo and Shopify.


Zak is an expert in improving click rates, streamlining design, and he’s not too shabby at karaoke either. He’s helped notable companies scale profitably.

Head Account Manager

Gina is an expert email marketer  & and expert at improving email marketing conversion rates. Dedicated to your company’s success.


Illijana is who everyone on the team turns to when they can’t crack a campaign or are hitting the optimization wall of an account. She finds the best resources for cracking challenges open and is always working on her tech game.


Arturo is the glue that keeps our agency sticking together. Or, he’s the oil that keeps us running smoothly and efficiently. Whatever liquid he is, he’s top tier and always helping our mission move forward.

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