10 Effective Ways To Get More Email Subscribers

We’ve all been there…struggling to gain new subscribers so we can cope with the churn rate and have a better turnover.

And like many things in business (and life) – it’s a numbers game. The more leads, subscribers, and potential buyers – the more customers and higher ROI.

We’ve dug deep into Email for Ecom customers’ data and brought to you

10 effective ways to get more email subscribers

Give incentives. Good ones!

One DMA report shows that 60% of users sign up for an email newsletter to receive offers and sales. More specifically, discount offers, great deals, access to exclusive content, free stuff…

So, don’t be shy to put that in your sign up form or on your pop up.

Make it personal

Use personal appeals in your newsletter’s value messaging. Use name tags to address the recipient personally, use your name, use the name and the photo of your PR officer, head of customer support, your editor-in-chief…

If you’re in retail, this could be one of the people who curate your collection or content.

Use embed data capture form

A link to your signup page means clicking away from the main site, inputting personal info, and confirming. These multiple steps add up, as every extra click decreases your chance of fresh signups.

Instead, make it as easy as possible and put the data capture form right on your page, be it in a sidebar, header, or footer.

Use delightful details in the signup process

For most companies, little touches like animations are an afterthought.

Give the signup experience a special touch, make it memorable, fun, unique…

People see sign up forms and pop-ups every day, give them a strong reason to sign up for your newsletter. 

Offer a multi-part email educational course

One incentive for getting site visitors to sign up for your email newsletter is by promoting an email course which they will receive after they sign up.

For example: “Increase your sales with these 5 methods” with a new lesson sent to subscribers each consecutive day or each week.

Remind visitors of
subscriber-only benefits

Put up a note on your site reminding visitors that newsletter subscribers get exclusive benefits, like your latest white papers, free download kits, latest e-book, free samples, opportunities to enter giveaways, join contents…

Make them feel extra special and appreciated.

Consider social proof

If you have a big list of subscribers, make sure to show it off. If thousands of other people are subscribing, it can’t be a bad decision to join, can it?

You can use a dynamic counter that displays the number of your subscribers in real-time, or you can put it on your sign up form: “Be the 49.985th person to subscribe and enjoy our exclusive content.

Use the word “free”, freely

While it’s already expected that an email newsletter will be free, the word itself can be quite alluring. Try adding the word “FREE” to your signup copy.

You can promote your free shipping, free delivery, free samples, free consultation, free e-book, free entry, free trial…

Run a contest, giveaway, or sweepstakes

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Even if it means submitting an email.

Ask for email signups within your contest entry form or on your social media. You can also ask those who entered to share the content for an extra entry.

You will have to have a good prize to attract good amount of subscribers.

Test your sign up forms

Last, but not least (in fact – the most powerful and most effective) is A/B testing. Test your sign up form and see which version will bring you the most email signups. Then, test variations of that version.

Test buttons, colors, placement, copy, tone, punctuation, style, patterns, tiny details, animations, etc. Test the whole alphabet, not just the A and the B.

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