Have you sent a few ad hoc emails but know you could be doing more with your list?

With our Custom Project Engagements, we will tailor fit the initiatives that will drive the most impact for your email marketing program and for your individual, specific needs. From custom email templates to troubleshooting deliverability problems to creating complex, automated lifecycle emails, we have a world-class team ready to help you.

Do you need a jump start to your email marketing program?


Custom Email Templates

As an eCommerce shop, your branding is important. That’s why we create customized templates that match the aesthetics of your brand. Our email templates are cross-browser friendly, mobile-responsive, and optimize for image-blocking. We also incorporate the latest best practices to drive the most click-throughs for your emails.

Deliverability Audits & Troubleshooting

Ever sent an email and have it land in the dreaded spam folder? Even the greatest email campaigns can fall flat if they land in the spam folder.

That’s why email deliverability is so critical. We offer services to benchmark, troubleshoot, and maintain pristine email deliverability so your emails will land nicely inside your subscribers’ inboxes.

Campaign Creation

Email campaigns are a powerful way to re-market to your existing subscriber base. If you need help creating a set of promotions around a certain holiday, or perhaps a certain product, we can certainly create these for you.

Automated Lifecycle Emails

One of the elegant things about the email channel is the fact that you can hyper-target your email subscribers based on their behavior, demographics, and lifecycle stage.

With the automated lifecycle emails, we will set up these super relevant, timely emails to greatly increase conversion rates.